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MetWest Community Garden

Two garden mentors and three students stand smiling in the MetWest garden near a trellis and sunflower.

The Garden-Ecology Internship is designed to provide practical, hands-on experience in the following areas: horticulture, garden/plant nursery maintenance, propagation, composting, good land stewardship and garden upcycling.

You can read more about how Leticia and Liz, our garden stewards, and many MetWest students have helped to transform the MetWest Garden over the years below.

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The following are fundraising projects that Leticia has been working on in the school year of 2022-23:

Healthy Snacks: Improve Focus and Academic Performance - Part 1 (active)

My students attend a small, autonomous, public, Title I high school where the student population is 93% youth of color and 75% of the students qualify for the free lunch program. Even though a majority of the students come from adverse backgrounds, they are bright and enthusiastic learners who are eager to perform well in school. However, they are challenged to do so because they are experiencing food insecurity. Even though the school provides a free lunch, many times the students choose not to eat it. Thus, my classroom needs to implement an intervention strategy that addresses this issue with sensitivity and compassion.

The impact of food insecurity on their academic performance and health may have long-lasting effects, even beyond graduation. If this project is funded, I will be able to provide my students with healthy snack options such as Luna bars, KIND bars, trail mix, cookies and sparkling juice drink. At the end of the day, establishing a classroom pantry will not only lessen food insecurity but will help enhance student performance. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read about this important food justice project!

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